About ECA


Our brief history

In 2017, United Church of Auburn located at 77 Metcalf Drive began exploring how to best utilize the classrooms in their building. With much prayer and the Lord's leading it was decided to fill a void in the community by establishing a Christian school.

Through what was no less than a miracle, an opportunity came to purchase a complete school including furnishings, equipment, curriculum materials and supplies. Additionally, the Lord blessed us with a financial contribution to pay for the purchase.

Although Emmanuel Christian Academy is being established as a ministry of United Church of Auburn, the goal is to invite and include other Bible-based churches to participate in making the school a God-glorifying success!

Our Mission & Vision Emmanuel Christian Academy in Auburn

Mission Statement
The mission of Emmanuel Christian Academy is to glorify God by partnering with parents to give children the gift of an academically rigorous, biblically-sound educational foundation while preparing them for God's current calling on their lives. 

Vision Statement
The vision of Emmanuel Christian Academy is to come alongside parents in preparing students with a deep and personal knowledge of Christ and His Word, in achieving the highest level of Christian scholarship, and to accomplish the eternal purposes for which God created them. Emmanuel Christian Academy in Auburn

Our Philosophy of Education


The ECA educational philosophy is rooted in a world view that is thoroughly Biblical and Christ centered. Hence, the primary ministry purpose of ECA is to guide students, under the leading of the Holy Spirit, to know, love, serve and testify of the Christ of the Bible to a world that is lost without Him. ECA students are therefore, trained up in a nurturing environment by professional teachers, who model the love of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

ECA's chief educational goal is to teach students the academic skills that they will need to succeed at higher educational levels, and as they prepare for their eventual chosen fields of endeavor. To this end, ECA is committed to continually improving and updating its already fine educational program. 

ECA will always strive to maintain standards that are based on clear Biblical principles. By having clear standards, we recognize that some of our policies, such as on dress-code, may not always reflect everyone's convictions and standards. We, nevertheless strongly believe that a, "not everything goes" set of standards is essential to the fostering of a Christian atmosphere at ECA. 

ECA commits to creating and implementing policies, standards and practices that will always reflect our philosophy of education and demonstrate such by incorporating support of at least one or more of our four fundamental goals, directly or indirectly. ECA's four fundamental goals are as follows:

  • To always acknowledge and promote the presence of God among us and our dependence upon Him.
  • To always promote Christian character development, by teaching and example.
  • To always promote the oneness and unity of ECA, based on the unity we have in Christ. 
  • To always promote a love balanced by appropriate discipline approach to all students.

ECA affirms a HEART of Core Values. Core Values are those values that are so essential to ECA, that to take away one or all of them, would be to so alter the character of ECA as to make it unrecognizable. They are as follows:

Home and school are partners in Christian education.

Excellence in Christ-centered academics is our standard.

All truth is directly based upon or consistent with God's word and therefore is taught as God's truth for learning.

Respect for God, others and self is taught through love and discipline.

Teachers and staff are all Christ-like role models. 

ECA, as a supporting ministry partner, will work with the homes from which our students come to:

  • encourage parents to fulfill their responsibility for the spiritual, moral, emotional, social, physical, and academic growth of their children. (Eph.6:1-4)
  • assist any unbelieving students to seek a personal relationship to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of their lives, by faith. (John 17:3)
  • require that they treat everyone with love and respect, as those also created in God's image (Imago Deo principle, Micah 6:8; Matt. 22:37-40)
  • aid families in Christian growth as they seek to develop Christ-honoring homes (Eph. 5:17-6:4)
  • cooperate closely with parents as they experience every new stage of their students' development. (Deut. 6)
  • help parents understand and participate in the school's purpose and program. (Prov:2:10-11)

ECA, as a supporting academic partner, will work with the homes from which our students come to:

  • require high academic work standards. (II Timothy 2:15)
  • recognize each individual student as uniquely created by God. (Ecc.12:1)
  • train students to develop good study habits, logical reasoning, creative and critical thinking skills. (Romans 12:2)
  • teach students the command of the fundamental communication and interaction skills: such as; reading, writing, speaking, listening, mathematics and current computer technologies. (Daniel 1:4)
  • promote good citizenship through developing an understanding and appreciation of our American heritage of rights and responsibilities as a free people. (Romans 13)
  • instill an understanding that our world, as created by God, has the need for all mankind to use and preserve it responsibly. (Gen. 1:26-31)
  • engender an appreciation of the Arts through the development of the student's understanding and personal expression. (Prov.25:14; 1Cor.12:11-18
  • promote physical fitness, good health habits, and wise use of the body. (Prov. 4:22; ITim.4:6-8.)

 This philosophy of education supports everything we do at ECA, resulting in graduates that have received an excellent Christian education, from professional teachers, who reflect the love and light of Jesus Christ.